20:43 WikiStart edited by Gavin


13:11 Changeset [703] by gav

Fix small mistype bug in CreateDataService.


13:19 Changeset [702] by gav

Domain change: Add hasRegulatoryRequirements to Asset.


09:56 Ticket #86 (View required to show total hours scheduled for a date.) closed by Gavin
fixed: Implemented in r701.
09:24 Changeset [701] by gav

New workLoad search view and logic to suite.


11:29 Changeset [700] by gav

Fix lazy initialization bug and optimise fetching in AssignedGroupService.

07:58 Changeset [699] by gav

Add INSTALL text file.


14:17 Ticket #92 (Working Shift feature required) created by Gavin
Currently the taskGroup is used as "Electrical Dayshift", "Electrical …


17:06 Ticket #91 (Purchasing - run order price update when invoice is updated.) created by Gavin
The order price is updated when the invoice is created, please ensure this …
16:47 Ticket #90 (Inventory items - recommended reorder) created by Gavin
recommendedReorderPoint is not used and can be renamed to reorderQuantity.
15:55 Ticket #89 (Contractor management) created by Gavin
There is a Service inventory type and supplier (new service type for …
15:45 Ticket #88 (Implement Regulatory Task Completion on Equipmet Register Report OH&S) created by Gavin
Regulatory Task Completion needs to be reported for assets that have …
15:09 Ticket #87 (Implement "Order on Hold" feature on reorder search view.) created by Gavin
This allows a purchaser to mark items on reorder list as orderOnHold=true …


10:35 Ticket #86 (View required to show total hours scheduled for a date.) created by Gavin
Using something similar to the work done view. Add Group selection and …


13:55 Changeset [698] by gav

Small correction in HqlBuilderTests?, remove stale debug arg.

13:39 Changeset [697] by gav

Small spelling correction in HqlBuilderTests? comment.


17:02 Changeset [696] by gav

New report "Equipment Register (Financial)".

16:02 Changeset [695] by gav

Svn move "Equipment Register" report to "Equipment Register OH&S".

12:13 Changeset [694] by gav

Work on inventory types base data, added "Tool" and "Service", changed "Repairable" to "Rotable".


13:26 Changeset [693] by gav

Improvements to asset and equipment register reports, including adding asset number.

09:49 Changeset [692] by gav

Adjustments to equipment register report, tweak summary settings.


10:18 Changeset [691] by gav

Adjustments to equipment register report.


13:05 Ticket #85 (Null pointer bug on inventory report) closed by Gavin
fixed: Fixed in r690.
11:57 Changeset [690] by gav

Fix for ticket #85, Null pointer bug on inventory reports.

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